As I've been posting pictures of the house, one thing that is glaringly obvious, to me, is our lack of wall decor. Our walls are barren. We need help. We have some severe decorating differences, but one thing we agree on is typography. We both love typography and fonts. I found the below picture the other day and was smitten. Chris also likes it. We agree! So, why isn't it hanging on our wall? It's HUGE. Too huge, I think. *from Pottery Barn* So, I started hunting on etsy for other typography prints. I apologize, I don't have sources today. They're at work. I'll update the post Monday with links. I really like this one. It's simple. I'm not sure about *Q* though. The above is similar to the Pottery Barn one, but smaller. I know these don't go on a wall, but I heart them none the less. Okay, I got sidetracked. This isn't typography, but I heart it so much I had to include it as a potential for the wall. Happy weekend!

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