As we showed you earlier this week, our house's facade received a face lift last weekend.

But, we weren't done there. In our quest to liven up our adorable bungalow, and add curb appeal to boot, we busted out the paint cans. Again.

First, the door became a lovely shade of red. It's deep and moody and compliments the yellow house perfectly.

Next, we added:


It started out of necessity. After only a week of having the steps and landing painted dark, it was filthy. As in, driving me crazy to the point of hosing it down daily crazy. Not good. So, we decided to paint the treads a lighter grey to hide the dirt.

I love painted stripes and have been dying to incorporate them somewhere. This was the perfect spot.

Cheery, right? It livens ups the porch and adds tons of character to our lovely little bungalow. We couldn't be happier. And now me and paint are taking a break. We've been spending too much quality time together lately.

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