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I'm a little paralyzed by the thought of drapes. Not only have I never done it, but done incorrectly, drapes can make a room appear very heavy and dark. But done correctly? Oh, done correctly, drapes can make a room appear light and breezy and heavenly. And, even bigger.

My biggest obstacle has been color: what color drapes do I hang with a blue living room? I've been thinking cream would be drab, but then I stopped in my tracks at this room:

And, now I might be changing my mind.

On a completely unrelated note.
I love this room.

*photos via Colour me Happy*

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  1. I need to do something with the windows in our living room. But what to do about the little window seat in the front? I don't want to cover it up with drapes. So I'm thinking maybe a scarf.


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