{inspired} clever centerpiece

I plan a lot of events in my real life. One of my favorite parts? Table centerpieces (of course!). I love when planners creatively bypass flowers as the only centerpiece option.

So I had to share with you the super creative centerpieces from a fundraiser lunch I attended this afternoon. Can you guess the fundraiser topic?

{please disregard the photo quality -- taken with my phone in a very dim room!}

The base of all the centerpieces were books covered in a variety of bright colored paper. From there, school supplies were added, including lunch pails, thermos, glue, ruler, pencils, etc.

They were so adorable and cheery! And yes, I got some really weird looks when I started taking pictures at my table and the next table over :).


  1. What absolutely fun centrepieces! I found you through BYW, and I'm happy I did. I can see we have much in common. Now I have to go through some more of your posts.
    have a lovely day!


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