mourning . . .

My computer's hard drive died this week. In it's unexpected death, it took with it so many pictures that I was planning on sharing with you. I'm a little frustrated. Mostly at myself for not backing things up better. And while it's in the shop, I can't upload all the new photos I want to share with you: the garage! artwork in the living room! my amazing garage sale finds!

Until things are back in working order at my house, I'm going share with you some of my top picks from my absolute favorite store. Anthropologie. Swoon. You all can consider this inspiration. Chris can consider this the beginning of my Christmas list. :)

I had a set of pencils exactly like this growing up. I loved them. But I was never sure what to do with them. Now, I would put them in a cute vase wrapped in twine or bright ribbon.

The candle putter-outer (that is the technical term.) is perfect. And functional. Because clearly, bending over and blowing is not as beautiful.

Um, yes please.

Okay, this little guy could.not.be.cuter. He inspired this post. I think I want him at home and at work. He makes me giggle and swoon at the same time. Not an easy feat my friends. Unless you're my husband.

Love the shiny beads paired with the oh-so-orange ribbon.

Love this journal. So perfect for writing down all my blog ideas. And, unable to die. Something I cannot say for my hard drive.

I leave you with the best.smelling.candle. Have you guys smelled this candle? Specifically the volcano flavor. This is a scent I cannot get over and constantly have burning in my house.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hard drive. When will the memorial service be?


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