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Happy friday!

I fell in love last weekend. Don't worry, Chris isn't jealous. The latest object of my affection? Local Portland artist Brenda Rose's work.

Unknowingly, I've been drooling over her doily clocks for months.

Because, really, how cute are these?

It turns out, she also does amazing multi-media art as well, combining *things like plastic with wood, and vinyl with aged book pages. Into this mix I add a little playfulness between 2D and 3D, all the while trying to keep it simple and clean (and as eco-friendly as possible).* From her website.

This is the piece that got me. The bridge is the St. John's Bridge, which my neighborhood's icon, and is just awe-inspiring.

I love multimedia anyway, but the faded book pages + the bridge just got me. I also love how much depth she creates by blurring the line between 2-D and 3-D.

Here are more examples of her work:

You can see all her work here: brendarose.com

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