current obsession: cake plates

One thing I didn't mention yesterday, are cake plates. They are fabulous at big meals such as Thanksgiving because they create dimension and height in your food display {or any display for that matter}. And, they create space in a usually, if your family is anything like my family, full table.

I'm not really a collector. My tastes change a little too often to really amass quantities of anything. But, I do heart cake stands. Because, really, they could not be cuter. I've managed to amass quite a little collection over the past few years.

My favorite is this cute bird one.

Cakes look beautiful against this simple cream stand.

A few other lovely stands:

Really. What could be cuter than a cupcake stands?

Simple and beautiful. Here.

Another amazing cupcake stand.

Fabulous rustic stand.

Modern and funky stands.

They are even beautiful when not in use. Here.

And here is my humble collection.

What can I say. They just make me smile.

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