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I have some amazing pics from a local Portland company to hopefully get your week off to an inspiring start.

A couple weeks ago, we wandered into Porch Light, a constant source of inspiration, and saw this amazing cabinet, below. When we asked for a little more info, we were told that it's made my a local company Hammer and Hand.

Well it turns out that Hammer and Hand salvages old barns and houses and has begun using the reclaimed wood to build furniture. Gorgeous furniture. And a inspiring lesson in recycling, right?

So, Chris went to the website this weekend to see what other great things they're up to, and as it turns out, they're up to lots of great things. Their portfolio is amazing. Chris and I were both drooling over the houses they've renovated.

Love the outdoor/indoor porch. Plus the couch fabric with the bright rug? Fabulous.

I need this kitchen. It is so big and clean and crisp and inviting. I'd like to bake a cake here immediately please. Oh and it has two dishwashers. Do you think they'd let me borrow just one of them?

Same kitchen. Love all the windows and light.

Will you look at this wood work people? Amazing.

Love the colors and the idea of a little room off the master.


Again with the wood. Simply beautiful.

If I lived here, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to help smiling as I pulled up each night after work.

Lovely, elegant staircase. Sigh.

Happy Monday!

*all images via Hammer and Hand*

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