home made goodies

A couple weeks ago I gave you a preview of my crafty Christmas project: homemade bags filled with a homemade goodies. Attached to each gift, the bags would hopefully make the gift look extra specially cute, and make the recipient feel extra special.

Here are the bags . . .

. . . they serve as the gifts *gift tag*.

And here is the homemade goody . . .

. . . Peppermint bark. Oh yumm-o. And, so easy.

Dark chocolate. Check.
White chocolate. Check.
Swirly goodness.
Peppermint candy. Check.

Once the bags and bark were made, I had a fun time assembling.

A few pieces of bark went into a little cellophane baggy that I picked up at a local craft store. The customized labels are so adorable. I picked them up from Vanessa Cavaco Designs, and they are perfect.

See? So festive.

All lined up and waiting to be stuffed.

Final product.

Love how they add a special touch to the gift. Just what I was looking for!


  1. I have a cameo in your blog! How exciting. Seriously, though. I *thought* that bark was homeade. I was wondering how you made it and the cute bag as Grant and I were munching on it the other night. We were also drinking Ebenezer ale and watching The Family Stone by the tree. It was so festive and your present made it! :-)

  2. I'm so lazy when it comes to dressing up packages. Plastic bows and ribbons all around!

  3. Val that sounds like a fabulous evening! I'm glad I could help add to the festive-ness :).


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