{inspired} artist Mina Georgescu

Today, I'm super excited to share with you all the work of artist Mina Georgescu. Mina contacted me a couple weeks ago to take a look at her work, and friends, I am in awe! Her beautiful interpretation of her world, through photography, makes me feel like I'm there. I've been taking a photography class, (trying to learn how to better use my camera!) and what struck me more than anything is the way Mina captures light. Simply beautiful!

On her website, Mina states: 
"I make Decorative Photography that expresses moods, feelings, reminiscence, happiness, joye de vivre. Scratches, textures, blurriness, saturated colors, all add to the modern-vintage, hand printed look of my works."

I asked Mina to answer a few questions so you all could get to know her a little better, and she graciously agreed!
From Coney Island to the forest .... where is your favorite location to shoot?
I enjoy all the places I've shot so far, there are endless possibilities, everywhere you are, it's important to have your eyes open and let the vibes of the place speak through you.

How did you get started and learn to take such beautiful photos? 
I started when I was very young, my mom bought me a plastic camera with film, it was the "bestests" present I ever got, never stopped shooting since. I have no formal training in photography or visual arts, I am not interested in technique or equipment, I shoot with what I have at hand. I am a visual interpreter of the world around me.

What are your top three best online sources for inspiration?
I do not draw my inspiration from the "internets", for me, everything that is inspiring is out there.

What are your best offline sources for inspiration?
Friends, family, life, people, nature, light.

Amazing, right? To see more of Mina's work, both current and past projects, visit www.minagraphy.com. For more information on purchasing prints, visit www.depuis.etsy.com or stay in touch by subscribing to her seasonal mailing list: http://minagraphy.com/newsletter/.


  1. Wow. These photos are really, really awesome. I love how artfully she's enhanced them. I see many photos that are "Edited" for artistic effect that just make me think - oh, an edited photo. But these really grab me like art.
    And...I just popped over to her Etsy shop...I think I've found about 4 photos I want to purchase :) Thanks for the great find!

  2. Ooh pretty! The first one is for sure my favorite! If jane found a bunch to buy then I better stay away. I have to pay for a house now! haha! <3

    Happy monday friend! mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. The first photo is just STUNNING! I want a HUGE version of it in my dining room. Thanks for sharing!

  4. woah, these photos are awesome!! i love that first one


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