{inspired} sarah richardson

I remember way back in high school (and I do mean WAY back), even before HGTV was broadcasting hours upon hours of design shows, I used to watch Sarah Richardson. Friends, I don't even know what channel she was on, but it was something like public broadcasting. I remember watching her redesign a dining room, complete with an explanation of how to install bead board, and thinking: omg, I WILL do that some day. 

Chris and I don't have cable at home (which is good because we'd probably never get anything done) but yesterday we managed to catch three straight shows of Sarah on HGTV. Even Chris loved it. Her easy style mixed with her bold and yet some how restrained use of color make her finished rooms completely delightful. I never read anything about her or see her rooms featured. Maybe she's been talked about too much and I missed it? But, this weekend I wanted to leave you with a few of Sarah Richardson's gorgeous rooms. A little eye candy, if you will.

All images are from Sarah Richardson Design.

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!


  1. The first few rooms with the pop of color are really sensational. I'm especially drawn to that yellow and white, which in theory sounds tame, but looks so good. That's definitely an image that's going to stay with me for a while.

    And kudos on getting hubby to watch HGTV-like design show with you. The only HGTV show my hubby will watch w/me is House Hunters.

  2. Sarah is a genius, and a fellow Canadian! Whoot Whoot. You can't go wrong using her designs as inspiration.

  3. Sarah just started a new series for HGTV, called Sarah's Cottage. I'm sure it will be on Canadian HGTV. You'll have to buddy-up with another fan, one who has cable!

    I remember sitting up and taking notice of her the first time I caught her on HGTV years ago. She's absolutely refreshing. So knowledgeable compared to other hosts. What's not to love? Her color sense, her smile, her designs, her energy, her wardrobe, her assistant. She never makes a false step.

    And, just so you know, we Americans never forget that she's Canadian. Be proud.

  4. YES! I'll take each room please! =)

    These are gooorgeous! Fab inspiration photos as always! Hope you got my email! Don't hate me 'cause i'm flaky! eep!!!!

    love you like woah!

  5. ps: totally commented on this before but blogger hates my guuuuuts! so yeah. had to leave more love =)

  6. ugh, isn't she amazing!!! I watch all her series...s? (what the hell is the plural of series!? :P ): Design Inc. Design 101, Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage... like you said, always so easy with the color, keeping things simple and clean... I much rather her cottage shows as most of her decorating in downtown TO is condos, which I always have a hard time loving (the condos themselves, certainly not her design!) Jeff and I are thinking about nabbing here Summerhill art idea: that's a subway stop in TO, and we might take a photo of "our stop" to bring to our home in Nova Scotia! :)

  7. I love all of those photos, especially the ones with upholstered dining room chairs. I have been dreaming of new dining room furniture lately and gorgeous upholstered chairs like those ones are definitely in my dream rooms :)

  8. My CSIL turned me on to Sarah (because we do not have cable either) and I love her aesthetic, clean, simple and clever.
    I am a fan,,,makes me wish we had cable!


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