{inspired} tea time

Friends, have you ever completely unconnected? From your phone, from the internet, from the TV? It is utterly amazing! I spent the last four days in the wilderness, floating one of Oregon's most amazing rivers. I came back relaxed, refreshed, and pretty darn exhausted :). I also came back to my computer not working and my internet down. What a way to get back into things, eh? 

I'll share photos of my adventure with you later this week. But for today, until I can get my head back on straight, I wanted to share with you this lovely bit of inspiration. Teapots are just beautiful in general. But against that awesome green back ground? Amazing.

How are all of you? What did you all do this weekend? Any fun adventures or home improvement projects?

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  1. I love this photo, Jenn! It's so inspiring to drink more tea! I've also added it to my Tranquility Chiropractic Studio fb page.


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