{inspired} words as posters

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that I am completely obsessed with  addicted to fonts and words. It's been pretty well documented here, here and here. I think words themselves can be so inspiring, but paired with the correct typeface, they can be elevated to a work of art in and of themselves. 

This is my favorite lately. I want to buy it and hang it on my wall. But, I can't seem to find it anywhere for sale. Did someone create this as an internet-only artwork? I think the sentiment is both sad, happy and beautiful all in one. I love, LOVE, the two different type faces ... especially the way the curly one is in such stark contrast to the photo. Simple beautiful.

I've been wanting to share it with you for awhile .... it's the type of work that NEEDS to be documented. Then a couple weeks ago I was sucked into the Pinterest vortex, again, looking at other type-as-art images. So, below are my favorites. There are quite a few more on my Pinterest page, if you'd like to check them out.

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! Thank you for stopping by today :).


  1. Wow, I especially love that Mark Twain one about the things you didn't do in life. So fabulous. I may have to add that to my home :)

  2. I love using words or sayings as art. It's such a great way to express yourself and what's important to you.

  3. The first one is just beautiful. Be careful that pinterest will get you everytime.


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