{inspired} hibernating

It never fails. This time of year both Chris and I get the urge to hibernate. The days are cooler, the suns sets much, much faster, and (at least in Oregon) the weather is gloomy and rainy. I really do enjoy the slower pace of life, but last week when I was sick, sore and just plain tired, I was dreaming of places I would love to spend the day curled up with a book or movie.

I think everyone's idea of that dream place to curl up and relax is a little different. But even if you are just relaxing, it doesn't mean the room you're relaxing in can't be stylish and cozy :). If I actually had time to hibernate, here's how I would do it:

I love piles of warm, cozy, bright blankets.

A super comfy bed:

Or couch.

Hot Cocoa.

A Huge selection of books and movies.

Do you feel like hibernating this time of year? What's your recipe for a cozy fall/winter room?


  1. I'm such a home body - I love to cozy up on the couch and read or catch up on some TV.

  2. You're going to laugh but I have a snuggie! Its really great for curling up on a gloomy day. Fashionable, it is not. I also love hot cocoa with a good book or movie.

    Oh, and congrats on the marathon! What an accomplishment!


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