{inspired} painting interior doors

I have the urge to paint. Specifically, an interior door. Even more specifically, our front door, the one that opens up to our living room.  
 Top, the front door. Let's not even talk about the hardware. It's on *the list*. Bottom. You can see the door in comparison to the gallery wall. This will be important below.

Clearly we've done this before. I love the pop of color on our back door, but am hesitatant for a pop on the front door. Besides the fact that it's easy to be wild and crazy with color in a spot that is NOT a focal point, my main concern about a pop of color on the front door is the door's proximity to the gallery wall (see above). I don't want our living room looking like a circus.

Yet, I still think the door, as-is is snooze-ville. Let's look at some interior painted door ideas, shall we?

Pop of color.
One of my favorite doors of all time. I originally posted it here. Love it. But, probably better in a room that is more mellow than my living room.

Black doors.
Black interior doors are gorgeous. And, incredibly in style right now. But, maybe too much black in that back corner with the door, black gallery wall frames and black dresser?

One shade darker.
This is more the direction I am thinking. Painting the door one to two shades darker than the wall color. Adds a little interest, but not so much overwhelming *wow*.

Same color.
This one also caught my attention. I like the simplicity of painting the door the same color as the wall. This door is beautiful, without having to scream it.

What do you guys think about painted interior doors? Have you done it in your home? What are your thoughts on a pop of color vs blending it in with the wall?

Updated 12/27 -- We painted our front door! Want to see how it turned out? You can see it here


  1. I love painted interior doors! Excited to see what you choose!

  2. I'm kind of leaning toward blending it and doing a shade darker than the wall color. But would you black? I think black might be good. Seems like the room gets a lot of light too so that's good. Keep us posted!

  3. First, your entrance with the board and batten completely sold me. I am trying to figure out where to do this in our house. You did a great job. Second, I think the painted interior doors is fun. I painted our interior door a dark gray (our walls are a blue/gray, kind of like yours). We had the gray from a different project and it was similar to the shade of gray in the curtains that are on the windows that flank the door. I like the idea of keeping it a similar color but a few shades darker. I look forward to seeing what you pick.

  4. Hey, Jenn! Yes, no matter what color you choose, painting the door will look awesome! I'm such a convert now after having done the inside of our front door. Hmmm...all good options...I think I'm liking the darer than the walls blue idea. I never would have thought of thought. I think black would look good as well. How soon do you see the rest of the stuff you've got going on in this room changing? If not for a while, then you'd be safe going with the blue. Still crushing on that entry/mudroom of yours!

  5. We're doing gray in our bedroom (doors, wardrobes, and trim) and so far it looks pretty sweet. It's BM Dragon's Breath. It's a really nice color--not too dark. So that would get my vote. I think it'd look nice with your black accents in that room and white trim. I LOVE that gallery wall:)

  6. So many good options Jenn! Have you tried a little "photo shopping" to see what looks best? Another trick I use is to hang the large samples of my chosen paint colors to see what "lives" the best during the various light conditions. Do you have access to those? If not let me know, I can order some for you! I think you could pull off something darker here, maybe not black but charcoal...just sayin'

  7. Simplicity indeed the best way to decor a house. The paint blends well on the room that provides relaxing ambiance to the place.

  8. Great minds think alike. I've been toying with the same idea of painting interior doors an interesting color. But, like you, I'm a little reluctant, even though I am usually brave about color changes. Will it look distracting? Will it look cheap? Unfinished? Like a Kindergarten room?

    And, how would I talk my husband into the change? Hmmmmm...

    I wrote a tutorial about how to paint your front door that might have some helpful tips for you if you decide to go ahead.

    Keep us posted on the results, too.


  9. I have been wanting a black interior door forever! I love painted doors-they are that unexpected pop of color in a home. Can't wait to see what you do:).

  10. Hmm... That's a hard decision! I'm not sure what I would pick. I think I like the idea of 2 shades darker the best. =)

  11. Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what you’ve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least I’m interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

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  12. I think if you go with the 1 shade darker or the Black, both would look great.
    first time I comment on your blog but I really felt like sharing my opinion :)
    Love your Blog!

  13. I love the idea of black, or dark charcoal, I think it would compliment your gallery wall well. I painted my interior and front and back doors and love them with my light colors. Have fun!


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