{inspired} cheap and easy diy

Happy friday my friends! 

Today I thought I'd share with you some light and fun reading. Who needs a heavy blog post on a friday? Not me! Well, at least today :).

Remember when I made a capiz shell chandelier?

And remember when my nook walls were yellow and the ceiling was white? Seems like a million years ago! :) Well that lovely light was featured on iVillage slide show of "cheap and easy diy home decor ideas." I finally popped over to check out the entire slide show and it's good! You can find it here, and maybe you'll even be inspired to take on your own diy project this weekend!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

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  1. Wow fancy pants! Look at you! GREAT WORK friend!! I love that light...so.very.much! Happy Friday!


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