{renovate} stove fan and the to-do list

Apparently we're in a very unglamorous stage of our kitchen remodel. Because much like finishing trim, today's update is about the nitty-gritty details. But, this detail is exciting! 

Our kitchen has never had a fan. It's kind of gross when you think about it, and I can't even count the number of times we've practically smoked ourselves out of the house. Before we'd even decided whether to do a full or partial remodel, we knew we needed two things to make our house more attractive to potential buyers (you know, down the line): a dishwasher and a fan. The dishwasher has been in for awhile and as of this week of have a functioning fan! :)

When we picked our stove top, we chose to have a downdraft fan, instead of an overhead fan.

But to make this bad boy work, many holes were cut and quite a bit of piping was laid. The perk of having an unfinished basement, as you'll see in the next photos, is that this was quite a bit easier to accomplish than it would've been if we actually had a ceiling downstairs. So, where exactly does that pipe go?
All the steam from our stove is now routed out the side of our house. How great is that?? I'm pretty sure cutting a hole through the house AND the siding was not one of my lovely husband's favorite activities to date, but we're both so glad it's done.

So where does that leave us? I keep hinting that we're close. And, we are. This weekend we sat down and made a VERY detailed list of everything we have left to complete. I haven't been sharing many lists with you here during the remodel because, quite frankly, lists were overwhelming me so I stopped making them. But now that we're finishing up, we want to make sure we don't miss any of the little details. Here's where we're at: 

- Install two remaining fronts
- Fix alignment
- Install hardware in the hallway
- Cover hole under range
- Install end cap next to fridge

- Caulk
- Fill holes
- Paint
- Windowsill extension
- Attached dishwasher trim

- Grout 
- Seal

- Install counter extension leg
- Paint under counter extension

- Fill three holes in wood floor
- Fix metal trim under oven

My goal this weekend is to make a major dent in that trim category. Chris' goal is to make a major dent in the cabinet category. Go team!

I hope you all have a super fantastic weekend! :)


  1. Almost there girl! Busta move and then on to the next bit of fun in project land! Have fun and be productive this week-end Jenn!

  2. Funny you should post about this today. I'm literally in the middle of cooking meatballs and we don't have an exhaust fan and my house is smoked out! Our cooktop is in our island (yours is too, right?) and I didn't want to have an overhead exhaust cause I didn't want it to deter from my view out the window. We briefly considered a downdraft but thought it was going to be too much work that Mitch didn't know how to do. If only we knew! Thanks for the tutorial...maybe down the road that's something we'll do!

  3. I thought maybe the fabric decision for your valance would be on the "other" list - at least that is something fun to think about right?


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