i resolve . . .

Happy 2010 to you all!

Something I love about a new year is the hope it seems to inspire in people. Myself included. It seems like a fresh start, that anything is possible. And I am so ready for all the amazing things 2010 has in store. I've been reflecting over the past few months about my life, where I'm at and where I'd like to be. Is this a normal over 30 thing?

In general I like concrete, attainable resolutions. In fact, last year I made a huge list of resolutions. Some I kept. Some, not so much. But this year, I'm feeling like there are broader things I'd like to accomplish.

Without further ado, in 2010 I resolve to:

Learn to accessorize.

I love admiring all the beautiful accessories I see in stores and online. This year I'll spend time on my *style* and how to add lovely accessories.

Craft more.

I have some amazing projects lined up that I'm excited create and share with you all.

Sew more.

I love to sew. And this year I just didn't take the time. That is changing this year.

Practice photography.

I'd love to take better pictures to share with you all here.

Garden better. Waste less.

Last year was my first foray into gardening. I can't wait to expand the garden this year and learn ways to keep veggies in our house all year long.


We have so many opportunities to get better organized. And, I'll bring you along for each step of the way.
Create an Etsy store.
This is something I've been thinking on for a few months. I have a rough plan and will hopefully have the beginning of a store by this summer.

Be content and at peace.

A constant struggle.

Laugh more.

The older I get the more serious I've been taking my life. It is so.dang.boring. So resolve to laugh and have fun and enjoy this amazing life I've been gifted.

What are some of your resolutions this year?

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  1. Very inspiring. I love all your ideas and look forward to seeing them evolve here. I vow also to help you with the "laugh more." Pretty sure we won't have a problem with that one.... ;-)

  2. basically i am after every single bullet on that list {except for a store...i got nothing to sell} but everything else...i hear ya sister!


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