{renovate} the closet

Last month I showed you the big reveal of our bedroom. What I purposefully left off was the closet. My closet. It is home to a window that someone, somewhere along the way, covered with wood. From the outside you can't even tell it's a window. It's pretty annoying. Who covers a window from the outside, but not the inside?! These are the types of really annoying house things we're dealing with here, friends.

{please excuse the terrible lighting. the closet doesn't actually have a light source.}
As you can see, it's just sort of a small blah space. But this is the space that holds all my lovely clothes. I really wanted it to be as amazing as the rest of the bedroom. My clothes deserve a nice home, right?

So I dressed up the window. It was so super easy. I just found paper I adore, cut it down to fit in both panes and added spray adhesive. Ta-da. It adds a nice dash of color to an other wise pretty dark, small space. I couldn't stop there though.

I was looking for a place to hang my necklaces so I added small hooks to the wood pane-divider. Now, it's a functional and adds a little bling to the closet that I just love.

I hope think most houses have these crazy, seemingly wasted spaces (and it's not just ours!). How are you making yours work for you?


  1. Looks gorgeous! A clever way to hang your jewelry.

  2. Thanks! And, thanks for stopping by :)

  3. We use one of our weird closets for the computer/office work area. Grant strung martini lights on the ceiling and I hung all of my fun purses on the wall. I love being able to enjoy the purses even if I'm not currently carrying them. I'll have to show you next time you are over. Brilliant idea about the necklaces and inspiring. I'm going to brainstorm where I can do that in my house. :-)

  4. Val, what a great idea! I'm so excited to see it next time I'm over. I love fun ways to display *collections* :)

  5. Great idea, and if you get tired of it someday you can choose a different pattern. I can't copy as I don't have a mysterious window like that.. but thanks for sharing, love your blog! Come check out mine, I'm new to this bloggin thing but having a blast!

  6. Amy, thanks for stopping by! I stopped by your blog, but can't post a comment :( -- you have some really great posts!

  7. I love how you were able to creatively convert this odd window into a useful piece of your closet!
    Great job!!!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


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