{create} spring leaf pattern

Well, this weekend I whipped up a little sewing project. It's been awhile! And, I love it so much that I wanted to pass along the pattern to you. 

It's a table runner! It's super cute and fits perfectly on my newly refinished farm table. Bonus.

I just love this fabric. I bought a small amount a few years ago and have been kicking myself since for not buying more. It was perfect for this project.

I found the pattern on Lauren and Jessie Jung's adorable site. {I love their spring fabrics!} And, I recommend this project. Especially if you are a beginner who is looking for a little challenge. It stretched, and hopefully (!) grew, my skills.


  1. wow, pretty. i love that shape, it looks great!

  2. I have some of this fabric left over from my son's nursery that I would be MORE than happy to sell to you! I easily have a couple yards left. Making it into a table runner is a beautiful idea! I made ours into a lamp shade! Email angelasmall@hotmail.com if interested :)


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