Texas (!), part 1

Happy friday friends! I wanted to share with you one of the fun things we've done lately. Because despite working a million hours each week (I'm only slightly exaggerating), we've been having so much fun too.

We went to Texas! And it was green!

Really green. In fact Chris looked out the window when we were flying in and said *wow, it's really green*, and I didn't for a second believe him.

 In my defense, last time I was in Texas it was brown. It was a very different time of year.

Relaxed and enjoying the WARM sun.

We went to the Fort Worth botanical gardens. They were beautiful!

I'd be worried too if giants were tapping on my home!

You guys, not only do I know what Biosphere 2 is, I've been there! Weird.

We stayed in downtown Fort Worth. Have you all been there? I was a little surprised, I'll admit. It's super charming!
Across the street from our hotel.

And we ate lots of really awesome food.

All this was fun, but it was not the reason we visited Texas. Monday I'll give you the why of it all!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Sigh, I love the fresh green of Spring, there's nothing like it!

  2. See! Texas is so green. Well during the right times of year anyway ;-)


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