{create} a relaxing week

Woah. Friends, is it Tuesday? What a whirl-wind, crazy, awesome and memorable Christmas! Those the are the best kind, right? And now ... I'm tired! I actually had a few things lined up for this week, but quite frankly, I'm not up for it. I'm enjoying too much the quietness that comes when something as monumental as Christmas is over.

So today, I'm going to bask in the quiet. And in the serene. And in the relaxing. Want to join me?

How was your Christmas? I hope you all had a lovely holiday and you got everything you asked Santa for :) Let's just say Santa completely spoiled me this year. And there may be a new camera involved. What is your favorite gift received?

**updated: oops! All photos from We Heart It**


  1. The letter my husband wrote me =) That is by far my favorite... even though it made me cry like a little girl. haha!

    Though if a new camera was under my tree... I might have made that my favorite! =) lucky girl!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Haha! Santa spoiled me as well. I got a ton of gift cards and a really nice tennis bracelet!!!

  3. @Jennifer, that is so sweet! My husband forgot to get me even a card ... ;). I would be so happy if he wrote me a letter!

    @Ashly ... ooh, tennis bracelet! Love!


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