{inspired} school house electric

Do you know School House Electric and Supply Co.? They make the coolest lights I've ever seen and they recently bought a huge, old, gorgeous warehouse in Portland to create a factory and showroom for their new line of furniture and home goods.

Last night Chris and I stopped by their holiday open house after work. It was so fun to see all their new products in person! I took a bunch of {iphone} photos of my favorites.

This bed. OMG. Love. I also really love the mirror hanging above it.

These dishes. Chris loves them too, which maybe means ..... ? The black accents are beautiful, and they'd be a great compliment to our current dishes. Does it sound like I'm trying to justify them? Because I am :).

How amazing is this blanket? The pattern, oh my goodness!  It's also really super soft.

I would love to only have schoolhouse lights in my house. Maybe next house? This one in particular though, I would install on each side of our bed. Beautiful.

We also both really like this vintage school clock. It's HUGE. But comes in such fun colors and would be an awesome statement piece in one of our small rooms.

I also took some photos of vignettes and the party. It was super fun. Lots of people, food and drinks. And just enough holiday decor to feel festive, with out being in-your-face Christmas.

Have you guys ever heard of School House Electric? Have you ever bought one of their lights? If so, which one ... I need to live vicariously through you :).

Have a great weekend friends! 


  1. What a cool store! I love all the lighting and that blanket is really awesome looking.

    I am your newest follower. =)

  2. Wow...loved that you shared this! I was soaking in every shot...what a mix of beautiful pieces. Don't have any of their fixtures either. Maybe one sweet day!

  3. Yes I have but only just recently - I think I may have read about them from either Milk and Honey or Nest Egg - not sure which blog but I fell in love with all of their goods!! Such a cool look and not fussy.

  4. Fun! I have always loved their lighting products tho never bought anything. The light you pictured caught my eye...may have to check it out online!

  5. I can't go into this store because I will buy everything in sight:).


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