{renovate} backporch lighting

When I posted our backporch makeover last week the most commented on feature was our lights! So, let's take a closer look at them, shall we?

{That mess in the background? Welcome to life during a remodel ;)}

Let me preface this by saying - lights for the backporch weren't even on my radar. My plan a for lighting in the space was twinkle lights. But when we went to Astoria last summer for our birthdays, we came across the most charming architectural salvage store, Astoria Vintage Hardware, which also sells amazing upholstery fabrics and some other new items. And, that's where I found the lights. I totally had a gut feeling about them, and we brought them home with us without having a place to put them. Friends, for us, this is living on the edge. As a general rule, we don't make home purchases without a specific use or place in mind for the item. But I knew they were worth the risk.

On the drive home, I was imagining them in the kitchen. But as it turns out, they were destined for the back porch, because they are perfect for that space.

Here's what they looked like at first. But, we thought they needed something a little sturdier to make them seem more like a fixture.

So Chris built this awesome wood fixture that the lights hang through.  I love this in ways I can't even begin to explain. It ties the lights together, it's dark stain is an awesome feature in the very white room, it compliments the farm table, it hides all the cords (functional!) and my awesome husband built it, so you know, I'm biased :).

As you can see, we have pretty small bulbs in there. This actually creates the perfect evening lighting situation. Not too dark, not too bright. Perfect for the dinner parties we like to throw in the space.

So, if I were writing this up last month, this would be the end. The only place I'd ever seen these lights were these two, in that one little store, in that one little tiny town on the Oregon coast. 

Randomly though, I ran across them online the other day (!). So, if you love them, you can find them here

Friends, I'm curious to hear. What's something that you purchased without having a "spot" in mind -- you just knew you loved it??


  1. Oh my word--I buy stuff all the time without having an exact spot for them. I've learned that if you LOVE something, buy it when you see it, then find a place for it in your home. So far it's worked for me. I bought an old heat lamp once hoping to turn it into a regular pendant light. It now hangs above the sink in our kitchen.

    Love these lights. They're so unique!

  2. I'm bookmarking those lights for later use! I love everything about them!

  3. You know for the longest time (I guess b/c I hadn't gotten a good close-up photo) I thought they were from West Elm but low and behold - what a find. And very living on the edge - I can't say I live on the edge either really. I'm pretty safe when it comes to large purchases and quick purchases. I don't buy unless I know specifically where the item might go, but recently I have picked up a few things (inexpensive things) that I loved and knew I would use somewhere at some point.

  4. I love those lights. And adding the wooden top there makes them look so much more substantial. Absolutely gorgeous! And they work so well with your furniture!


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