{inspired} driftwood: styled

Happy Monday friends! I wanted to update you on that gorgeous piece of driftwood I snagged on my Salmon River trip this summer. When I threw out the question - what on earth do I do with this?? - the majority of you agreed that it should either go on the wall or as part of a table setting. I love both these ideas! But if I'm being honest, getting things on the wall in our house is a multiple-month process. So, while I'm sure it'll end up on a wall someday, let's take a look at is in it's current state - as a centerpiece on our back porch farm table.

First, I brought in an airplant to add a little life. Second, I set it atop a cute piece of fabric. Simple and cute centerpiece.

See? The air plant fits perfectly in this little hole!

I love the shape and texture of the airplant. It's a airplant Xerographica Tillandsia and it came from The Fallen Tree. Now, let's see if I can keep it alive -- I'm not sure there's enough light in the back porch. Fingers crossed ;).

This weekend I also created a small table setting to see how it would look as part of an evening of entertaining. I pulled together a couple of nature-inspired melamine plates, topped with our everyday white dishes, grey napkins, and a leafy sprig from our yard. 

But quickly switched to a pink napkin, which adds a nice pop of color. 

All in all, I'm really excited about the addition of this piece of driftwood to our back porch :)


  1. Fun! And I love your table setting too. It will be so pretty when you have the candles lit. Ah, the little things.

  2. So pretty!! I love the fabric on the table runner!! I have been eyeing it since your instagram post! Where did you find it?

  3. I love how the textures and colours play on each other, very summery :)

  4. I've never heard of an airplant! That is awesome! This looks so beautiful...great work friend!

  5. Jenn, This is gorgeous! All of it. The air plant (?), pictures, the driftwood, table setting, colors, everything!! Whitley

  6. Really beautiful table setting, and that driftwood piece is one-of-a-kind. Looks like a magazine spread--well done!

  7. Well wow! Your driftwood looks great. I'm just getting into driftwood and find it so hard to find. Especially beautiful pieces like this. So unique and innovative. The closest I've got to doing something fun with the stuff is making a piece of art out of smaller bits, gilding some in gold leaf, and then arranging on a canvas to look like a goldfish. I then hung it according to Feng Shui principles (the only thing I remember from my interest in it in the 90s) to encourage prosperity. It doesn't come close to your efforts though. Mine is amusing at best. :D


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