{renovate} the living room -- how far we've come

Because it's Labor Day weekend, and most of you are probably already off having a fun long weekend, I thought we'd dig into A Home in the Making's archives and take a look at a couple before and afters. I was trying to find a couple old photos the other day and I came across our living room from late 2008 -- just after I'd moved into Chris' house. Whenever I show befores of this room, it's usually from when I'm moving in -- they're dark, there are boxes everywhere and not really a good representation of the actual *before*.

Friends, I believe these are my new *befores*. To give you some context, I'd lived there for a month or two. Long enough to paint, unpack and try to consolidate furniture, but not long enough to actually hang things on the wall, buy curtains, etc. This was the most horrible furniture arrangement -- it didn't facilitate conversation AT ALL. Nevertheless, it lasted for about a year :).

I think that if this picture illustrates anything, it's the power of a set of curtains. Wowza! You will notice though, that all the pillows are the same. Don't worry, I've taken care of that ;). I just can't take updated photos right now (ahem, kitchen remodel, ahem).

And, the other side of the room. You can see my gallery wall patiently waiting on the floor. :)

Ah yes. Much better. It looks like someone actually lives in this room! Of course, this picture is a little out of date as well ... our front door is now a very stylish and bold shade of blue!

But, all in all, it shows you how far we've come around here in the last few years. Friends, do you have a rooms that you cringe over what they looked like just a couple years ago?

I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend! I'm taking Monday off, but I'll be back next Wednesday with a kitchen update :).


  1. Isn't it funny how quickly our tastes change? Our living room has been painted now 3 times since we've been married (we just celebrated 7 years). And I can't tell you all the different furniture configurations that have gone on in there. I'm hoping soon we'll be done (we'll be replacing the nasty carpet in there soon!) Love your living room!! What a huge difference just painting the brick surround on your fireplace made!

  2. That gallery wall makes it even more homey - it's so nice to look back on your home to see progress. I'm enjoying your beautiful photos from the beach - hope you are getting lots of R&R.

  3. The curtains look amazing. And I absolutely love the gallery wall...especially the pennant!

  4. I love that you have a dresser in your living room. What do you store in it?


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