{create} white and gold Christmas tree

Slowly but surely, we're getting decorated for Christmas. You can see in my photos below, that there isn't much done on our surfaces, but my goal is to be done by Saturday morning. I even invited friends over for a little party to help motivate me to finish! Do you ever do this?? :) This past weekend we did get our tree decorated. There is something about decorating the tree - maybe it's the twinkly lights? - that immediately puts me in the holiday spirit.

As I mentioned when I showed you guys the mantel, we're decorating in only whites and golds this year. Just to mix it up a little :). So far I'm loving it.

For the tree, I made a couple quick and simple ornaments to add to our existing gold ornaments, including painting glass balls and these adorable white paper poinsettia flowers. There is one more ornament that I'd love to make, but just haven't had time. I'll keep you updated if I do.

 (You can find poinsettia instructions here)

And, we reused our book page chain from last year. We're both still really love it and I think it works well with our color scheme.

As for below the tree, I absolutely LOVE our tree skirt, but it's very red and white. So, I dug through our basement and found a roll of burlap we'd purchased for a project earlier this year. I'm completely digging the more natural look. 

Another thing I noticed when I was taking these photos? We still haven't hung everything back up that we took down when we demo'd the kitchen. Yah. Working on that ;).

How are you guys doing decorating for the Christmas? Is anyone else feel like the days are flying by this year?


  1. Your tree is so pretty! Love the paper chain and the burlap tree skirt!

  2. Lovely! I love the poinsettia ornaments, soooo cute!

  3. Beautiful!! I decorated my tree last night and put out the decorations, including lit garland for the banister. Slowly but surely, the mood is sinking in! :)

  4. I'm doing the burlap skirt thing too:) Just ran out and got 3 yds of it. I want to make garland too by cutting it into long strips...we'll see if I ever tackle that project;) Love the natural look you got goin' on!

  5. Your tree looks so pretty - I love the link garland that you made last year. That looks nice on there. We still don't have a tree but we should have one by Saturday. Good motivation to invite a few friends over to finish up your decorating - that's perfect.

  6. Gorgeous! Love the new ornaments you made, those painted ball ones are cool, how did you do them? Of course, my favorite is the book paper chain...might have to steal that one from you someday! Ours is up and decorated...until like 3 hours after we had finished last night and the whole thing fell over!!! I was so pissed, I had to redo all my garland that I had spent so much time getting swagged on there just perfectly:(

  7. Love the theme, so very pretty! I really like the burlap tree skirt, it looks so soft and matches beautifully!


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