{renovate} kitchen trim and grout

To say that we've been working our little tails off for the past couple weeks on the kitchen is an under statement. We have gotten so much done! In fact, dare I say, we might be done? I don't know if I dare say it. It still feels weird.

I need to clean/style before I show you true "afters," so in the meantime, let's take a look at our final to-do list and see how we did.


All the doors are on. All the hardware in the kitchen is on. All the doors are straight and aligned. Yah! We do still have a weird little space next to the fridge we need to deal with and we have to replace and install the matching hardware in the hallway built in. But, that's the hallway, not the kitchen, right? :)
- Install two remaining fronts
- Fix alignment
- Install hardware in the hallway
- Install end cap next to fridge


All the trim is painted! You guys, this is huge. I'm not sure it you can tell from the photos, but our kitchen and nook have A LOT OF TRIM. 3 doorways. 3 windows. Base molding and crown molding in both rooms. And you might be thinking that we didn't replace ALL the molding and you'd be correct. But the molding (around the windows) that made it through the entire remodel was so dirty that it needed to be repainted anyway. This little project took many, many hours. Other than that, there was a little weirdness on the kitchen windowsill that we fixed and we installed base molding beneath the dishwasher. You know, to hide all the cords and wires ;).
- Paint
- Windowsill extension
- Attached dishwasher trim


We grouted! I was really struggling to choose between white and dark grey, so I compromised with light grey. In design, and in most of my life, I really try not to compromise - I usually just end up wishing I'd taken a firm stand, but in this case I'm very happy. The light grey is a great choice. It doesn't draw a lot of attention to itself, but rather it draws attention to the shape of the tile, which is really what I wanted to highlight. 
- Grout 
- Seal


The leg is installed! It still needs the support system, but we have all the supplies and just need to get on it.
- Install counter extension leg
- Install counter extension support
- Paint under counter extension


So, we had these three random holes in our floor that were a sort of mistake. BUT, it's pretty hard to patch hardwoods and make it look like not a mistake. Our solution? We added little copper squares to cover the holes. They're pretty shiny right now, but they'll weather out and be a lot less noticeable over time. We were joking that we're drawing attention to a mistake! But, I like it and I think it makes the best of a weird situation.

We'd also accidentally bent the metal on the bottom of the oven, but we ironed that out and it looks good as new!
- Fill three holes in wood floor
- Fix metal trim under oven

So, there's THREE things left on our list!! Of course, all are a little time intensive, which is why they're left. The great thing is that none of these effect the appearance of the kitchen. If you looked at it right now it would look done. EEK! :) Of course that means photos coming SOON!! Next week, okay friends? :)


  1. Go girl!!! Loving every bit of it, but especially the backsplash, the light gray was the perfect choice. And the copper patches for the floor, perfectly charming and fitting for an old home, so clever. I am sure the final, stages after shot are going to make me jealous of this spanky new kitchen Jenn!

  2. That light at the end of the tunnel is getting so bright!

  3. Wow! Congrats on getting all this done, Jenn!! You guys have been busy! I hate all those detailed finishing jobs...around here they never get done. I started painting trim in one room in 2007 and still haven't finished:( Everything is looking so beautiful, I can't wait to see the "real" pics:) Love those copper plates in the floor, such a good idea. I've always loved copper, was oohing and aahing at your cups you bought at the antique show;)

  4. Looks so awesome! I love the painted floors, and the light gray grout definitely helps the tile stand out. Good choice. Everything is so perfectly perfect. With each post, you're making it harder and harder for me to stand the dysfunctional room that is our kitchen. ;)

  5. It looks amazing - adore your tile. We are using the light gray grout on our beach house kitchen backsplash. We tried it in a small bathroom and loved the effect and like you, we found it was a subtle touch to make the tile pop. Love what you've done!!

  6. Your kitchen sneak peeks look wonderful! I know you have to be so excited to only have a few tiny things left! I can't wait to see the final reveal!

  7. Your kitchen looks wonderful :) I especially LOVE the tile!


  8. love your kitchen especially that backsplash, i would have picked that one as well! keep showing us these home projects i like them


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