{inspired} stripes

It might not be a huge surprise that I adore stripes. They're just so fun, I can barely stand it! From our front stairs, to our living room curtains, I am slowly incorporating them into our house. I'm a huge proponent for layering textures and prints. Stripes add great texture and give a great modern edge ... especially thick stripes.

Below are some pictures of my favorite stripes, plus some new stripes that are on the market now.

I've posted this before, but I just love this bedding. It's my ideal stripe.

And, this floor? Oh, swoon. I would love to do this to a room in my house. Maybe my back entry? Have you noticed that all the stripes I love, and have painted, are either been black or grey and white? I didn't notice till this post, but yeah, I see a trend here.

This scarf is calling my name. And the pink is a lovely break from black and white! 

Simply stunning. A whole new take on stripes!But, of course, I expect nothing less from these guys.

Fabulous example of stripes adding texture and visual interest.

Oh Kate. I die every season over your flirty, fun looks. And those shoes? Yes, please.

I adore the green stripes on this bed. So unexpected, yet just another layer in the amazing texture of this room.

Your turn! I would love to know if, and how, you've used stripes to add interest in your home!


  1. I agree. Those shoes are HAWT! And that floor is pretty awesome too.

  2. i am cr-azy about stripes! i think they remind me of peppermint candy or something. :)


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