spice'n it up!

I noticed recently an underlying theme to all the projects I've tackled this year: reuse. Whether it was making curtaings, painting, creating an inspiration board, adding a little glam to my closet, or sewing a pillow, the majority of the supplies are repurposed from our home. If we did have to buy anything, the total hasn't ever come to more than $10. This is pretty huge step for me, actually. And it feels good to be things that might have been thrown away other wise.

Today's project is no different.

We're going to organize our spices! Before we begin, I have a confession. We can be honest here, right? Up until last weekend I had spices in my cabinet that were nine years old Phew. I feel better having confessed. It's so gross. Don't worry ... most of these spices we didn't use. In fact a bunch had never been opened.Yet, they still moved with me three times. Don't judge. :)

So last weekend I cleaned and organized my spice/baking cabinet. I love cleaning and organizing. And I love it even more when it results in such a great little project. See, the old spices came as a set in these great little spice containers, above. 

So I threw away all the old spices and removed the labels from the containers.

Then I wrote the name of all my currents spices on these cute little sticker labels.

 Stickers go onto the clean and sparkly bottles.

And all the spices are moved from their current mismatched bottles and baggies into these great little matching containers.

 And then into the cupboard they go!

Cute, no? And it makes the organized/ocd person in my very happy every time I open the cupboard. Best of all, it's really quick, if you're looking for something do this weekend.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Those look fantastic, good job!

    So simple yet such a difference :-)

    Cute blog lady!

  2. This is inspiring. Some of our spices were given to us as a wedding present. FOUR years ago! Gross. I am moving this project to the top of the to-do list!!!!

  3. So cute, where did you get those sticker labels? I definitely need to do this, my spice cabinet is ridiculous! Thanks for the inspiration and stopping by my blog :) Hope to see you on my weekend linky party sometime!


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