the story of the green monster

Last week, a terrible event occurred in my kitchen. I made myself a green smoothie to fuel cleaning out our junk drawer {which is liberating, btw}. Half way through cleaning, the smoothie jumped off the counter and spilled all over our rug. Okay, my elbow might have helped. My black and white rug, which I adore, was coated in green. Into the washer it went with lots of oxyclean. It faded, but it didn't come clean. My rug looks like it went rolled in the grass. Sigh.

On a side note, green + white cabinets = super mess. Needless to say, my junk drawer was NOT the other thing that received a thorough cleaning that afternoon.

The thing about this rug is that it's from IKEA. So it was fun and affordable, which is perfect for a rug that takes the chance of collecting projectile green smoothie. The sad part of this story? While the IKEA website still lists the rug, it hasn't been in stock in months and months.
So now I'm on the hunt for a new rug. I really love the graphic nature of this rug. It really draws the eye away from how hideousness of our linoleum. 

My initial thought is that I'd love to try a Flor rug. I've been eyeing Flor ever since I came across this rug. *Love!* Plus, in a kitchen what could be better? The next time there's a smoothie incident I'd just replace a tile! I designed this one on their handy configurator

I love that it' more muted. Specifically, it's pewter/oyster.

What do you guys think? Any experience with Flor? Especially Flor in the kitchen? I don't want a fluffy living room type rug under my sink and I've never seen a Flor in person!


  1. Sorry. I'm zero help in this area.

  2. Isn't it annoying when foods and beverages try to "escape" ? The only solution I know is to put salt on the spilled area and once it has absorbed all the moisture, just vacuum it up (TRUST me, this totally got red wine out of a taupe carpet, you would never know!). Unfortunately that won't help you now, but I am glad to hear no expensive rugs were harmed during the smoothie making.

  3. I've been wanting the multi-color striped UNNI rug from IKEA for a long time, but same story - still on the site, but no where to be found. I even had a Swedish friend looking for it (yes, I really want this $20 rug) and she found out that it's been discontinued.

    I'm kind of heartbroken. And now I keep seeing it in photos everywhere...

  4. Thanks for stopping by Emily! I'm glad I'm not the only one searching high and low for that rug. We'll definitely have to let each other know if we find it. Ever. :)


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