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Happy Friday!

Thought I'd give you a quick peak of what I'm working on this weekend. I love refinishing furniture. And a large pile of furniture that needs to be painted is quickly accumulating at our house. So this weekend, this guy is getting a face lift:
Our kitchen table! We bought it before we were even married. Almost two years later, isn't bad, right? Right?! 

My inspiration for the table?
This is lovely. My main goal is to have the table two-toned. So all the paint will come off the top and it'll be stained. The legs will be painted in a lovely creamy-white color.

Here's a close up of now:

And here:

On of the main reasons it's taken so long to get moving on this table is that Chris and I cannot agree on the legs. He loves the patina and would like me to not touch them. I like the patina okay, but it flakes off. And the table sits in the kitchen. Where we eat. And I have a fundamental problem with paint from who-knows-when potentially flaking into the food. So yeah. The legs are getting painted.

Make sure to check back Monday for the finished product. Have a great weekend!

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