girly ruffles

Hi friends. Sorry for my small absence. I came down with a flu bug last week and by the end of the week it had gotten the best of me. This weekend was fantastic, with just a lot of rest and relaxing. Today? I feel 100% better! 

So, let's talk about ruffles. Kind of girly, right? I think a little dose of girly is okay. Shall we check with Chris and see if he agrees? I am also always harping about texture and I think ruffles can add a fantastic level of depth to a room, when used correctly. Said: sparingly. My new cafe curtains hint at ruffly, without being over the top, and I love them. Oh, and for the record, so does Chris. :)

Can I work here please? I love this office! It's so organized. And, those ruffles just take it to the next level for me.

What a fun addition to a bathroom. I love the white one most. But the colored one would be a bright and cheery addition to your morning routine, no?

And, couldn't you just get lost in these ruffles? This bed is so inviting. I just want to curl up here and spend an afternoon reading a good book. Or catching up on my favorite blogs ;).

What say you? Ruffles, too girly? Or a fun addition to a room.

**Images from Three Men & a Lady, via Made by Girl, and anthro. Of course.**


  1. I agree that sparingly they could be a great addition but can get tiring very quickly if used too much.

  2. Hi Jenn - I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm so glad that you did. I have to say the ruffles in that first picture are quite amazing. I'd die for that office! Still clean and professional, but those ruffles give a great element of whimsy. :)

    My vote is YES on the ruffles (as long as they are paired with other pieces that have simple & clean lines).

    Bre @redBungalow


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