{inspired} weekend crafts

Happy Friday friends! Today has been quite a day. So, to send you off into the weekend on a good note, I thought show you some of the crafty/DIY projects that have caught my eye. Hopefully you'll have more time this weekend to be creative than I will! 

Mason Jar Lights from Wedding Gawker. If I hadn't JUST bought lights for the back porch, I would be making this for that space in a heartbeat.

Bunting from Vintage Pretty Pearl. I have to find a reason to make this. Wait. Do I need a reason? So cute!

Painted Flatware from Sania Pell, via Creatures of Comfort. I have no idea how practical this is, but I REALLY want to try it for our next dinner party.

Photoshop Bokeh from Alex Beadon Photography. I love learning new tricks in Photoshop, and this one is GORGEOUS! Especially until I actually figure out how to do bokeh on my camera.

Do you have anything crafty planned for the weekend? If you have time and are looking for some fun ideas, check out my *to makes* board on Pinterest, or my diy gallery. Both are filled with some awesome projects! We having a weekend full of wedding events for a dear friend that I've known since I was three. It should be a lot of fun.



  1. Fun, pretty stuff. I've never seen anything done to silverware like that - pretty impractical but a pretty unexpected touch too. I like it. Enjoy the wedding festivities.

  2. Love the flatware! I have another light fixture on my craft agenda, we'll see if that happens!

  3. Have fun at the wedding! I am loving the painted silverware idea, even if it is a little silly :)


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