{inspired} wallpaper mood board

I am so, so, so excited to be participating in Pewter and Sage's Mood Board Monday. The premise is that Sarah chooses a topic to design a room around. This month's topic, chosen by Cathy at Room Rx, is wallpaper!

This was a HUGE challenge for me. I love wallpaper, but have never thought about designing a room around it. So, I chose Amy Butler's Lily Field to start. From there I decided that I wanted this wallpaper to go in a library. It's my dream (and probably a far-fetched one at that) to have a library one day, but not a traditional dark, stuffy library. I envision a completely girly place to spent an afternoon reading my favorite book. And with that in mind, the space below was born.

To the wall paper, I added a neutral, but graphic rug. From there I added a great daybed to lounge on, filled with great pillows for texture, color and comfort. A cozy, over-the-top-girly duvet cover completes the look. A great vintage closed-in bookcase would hold all my books, and a poster on the wall contains a quote from Pride and Prejudice. I like the addition of orange for two reasons: I LOVE orange. And, it keeps the look from being too girly. I tried to balance out the girly with graphics to make sure the look doesn't become too polarizing, but still stays comfy, cozy and a place you can curl up for an afternoon. This was a super huge challenge for me, but I like the result.

  1. Duvet cover
  2. Daybed
  3. Striped rug
  4. Orange table
  5. Pillows: Ampersand, grey flowers, orange and white flowers
  6. Pride and Prejudice poster
  7. Cabinet/bookshelves

Friends, head over to Pewter and Sage to check out the rest of the AMAZING mood boards. Thanks Sarah ... I can't wait for the next challenge!


  1. I was going to try this wallpaper, but was intimadated. I'm really impressed with the room you created. The accents of orange are genius! The rug is great too.

  2. You did a great job! I love that you incorporated orange- I love that color too! The graphic rug and art is such a nice balance to the wallpaper! Fun space. Happy to be your newest follower. :)

  3. I really like the idea of a library nook and with your creativity you could make it happen. I really love the idea of a daubed in this space. Great work Jenn!

  4. If I had a room like this, I may actually keep up to date on my magazine reading and maybe even pick up a book now and then!! Great job.

  5. What a fun space! I love the mix of patterns and color here..something different. Linking up from the party.

  6. Jenn,
    Score! What a great way to work with this pattern, it totally has your signature...especially the pops of orange. It looks comfy and vintage modern!

    Thanks for joining us, it's always fun to "party" with you!

  7. Yay, Jenn! I'm so psyched that you came to the par-tay! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. And I really wanted someone to choose this wallpaper (I thought of doing it myself, but got scared!), so glad you did! The concept of it in a library space (I'm a huge book nerd) is so great. Let's see...I love the rug, love the pillows, love the P&P poster, love the bookcase...love it all!!! The orange really rounds out the palette too. This is such a cool room:)


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