{renovate} a view of the back

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a good weekend? We had a lovely weekend that even buckets of rain couldn't dampen. 

Today I'm going to update you on the state of the back of our house. I know. Hold onto your seats, friends. Okay, so it might not be the most exciting subject, but I do have an AWESOME sneak peak at the end that you'll want to stick around for. 

Remember a couple weeks ago when I finally finished the garage (post here)? Well, I also finished painting the back of our house. It's a little more of an in depth story, and I couldn't photograph it until this weekend, so it's getting its own post.

A year ago, this was your view as you entered our back yard. This lovely, rusty, bent-up, jail-cell-reminiscent screen door leads to our screened in porch. Chris and I walk through this door multiple times every day.

Last fall, when Chris and his BFF (BFF pictured, not Chris) replaced the door to our back entry (the one that actually goes into the house from the screened porch), we also replaced the screen door. We wanted something more welcoming, less you're-going-to-prison-ish.

We completely scored and found this lovely, simple, solid-wood door at the Rebuilding Center for $25. Chris installed siding, recycled from our garage makeover, to match the rest of the house. Sidenote: The green is the original color of the house. I know there's a photo floating around of what the house looked like when Chris bought it, but we can't seem to find it. Once we unearth it, you'll be the first to see :). Also, if you look closely in the picture, you can see that the wall of the screened porch is not even close to straight. It's actually slanted way out. Such as it goes with an older home! :) Luckily, we're learning to work around it.

The other small detail to note here is the back windows.

Yep. One with trim finished, and one not. We had to replace a couple panes on those windows and had yet to finish the trim.
One quick afternoon of painting later and the screen door wall looks like this. So much better! The wall got a coat of yellow and the door was updated with a coat of creamy-white to match the trim. I was thinking about painting this door a fun color, but I think I actually like how fresh and clean the white looks. It'll stay that color. For now. :)
And, the rest of the back looks much more cohesive as well.

I just can't say enough about the powers of paint. Like I said, it's not the most exciting of all reveals, but it's something feels SO GOOD to check off our list.

And that sneak peak I promised you? You've been so patient as we've taken our sweet time working on the back porch, so I thought you'd like to see this:

Here's where are back porch is as of yesterday. It's SO CLOSE. Just a couple things to hang on the wall and I'll give you guys the grand tour.

I hope you're all having a super happy Monday!


  1. I love it, and that table is amazing!!!

  2. Jenn, everything looks fabulous. Love the black trim on the windows and the simple choice of the screen doors. You wet my whistle with the sneak peak of the porch, I smell a few DIY projects!


  3. I want to sleep in here every night. But not in a creepy way of course!

    You are doing a wonderful job with this makeover... I'm still obsessed with your storage cabinet. I remember it was the first post I ever saw on your blog! You had me at hello!! ;)

  4. That back is such a huge improvement - it does deserve a post all to itself - it's great! And oh my goodness I'm loving the back porch SO much - I'm so excited to see it all gussied up like you're so good at doing. Looking forward to the reveal - love that table, and the pendants, and the chairs...everything!!

  5. Those lights are so fun! Building a long table like that with reclaimed wood is on my list of to-do's for our patio.

  6. Wow, so much fun. Great to live through you vicariously as I can only move my furniture around this rental apt so many times as a means of DIY expression. Don't need a stitch of furniture or anything else right now so my hands are kinda tied! Ack. This looks fantastic and I love the porch. So awesome to have and you've made it look so fabulous.

  7. Loving the sneak peek! I know this room is going to be gorgeous when you're done. Can't wait!

    LrnM Design

  8. Did you build that table? It is AH-MAZING! Do you have a tutorial? Or where to find one like it? It is exactly what we have been looking for!


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