{inspired} a beach getaway and that "magic" hour

Happy Monday friends! Remember how I was sick a bunch in August? Well, strep throat knocked me out at the end of last week. I've had about enough! This weekend I had a heart-to-heart with my immune system about kicking it up a notch :). So, these photos from Labor Day are a little late, I hope you don't mind.

The plan for Labor Day was hanging at the Oregon Coast with my family. Those of you who've been around for awhile know that we headed down there quite a bit. Chris opted to stay home and work on the kitchen (husband of the year, I know). I debated staying with him, but there really was nothing I could help him with and the thought of relaxing for a few days was just too tempting!

It ended up being a GORGEOUS weekend. Perfect sun. Perfect temps. Just amazing. I left work a little early on friday to beat traffic and when I got to the beach was blown away by the day. It immediately put me in the mood for an adventure. So, of course I took the long way to our house. The super long way. It was so fun. It took me by a lighthouse!

My parents have an adorable yellow lab, Sophie, who not only insists on sleeping with me when Chris isn't there, but also insists on jumping on my head at first light to signal that it's time for a walk. In this case, 5:45. Sadly, it's been worse :). So we were up every morning and on the beach for sunrise.

I know photographers always talk about the "magic" hour of sunrise and sunset, but I'm far too lazy to really plan for either. This was the first time I've really experienced that hour, and I can absolutely say that it is magic.

Friends, do you adventure by yourself? I'll pretty much never pass up an opportunity to adventure and explore -- whether solitary or with friends/husband. But, I have friends who think I'm crazy! Have you ever taken photos during sunrise? Did you love the results? :)


  1. Waking up with my dog for a walk on the beach sounds like the absolute perfect start to the day! Your pictures are beautiful. The trim in the kitchen looks great - Chris did an excellent job.
    We are finally finished with the kitchen at our house. And we both survived. I think it was so worth it in the end - I'm looking forward to seeing your progress too!

  2. Beautiful pics, Jenn! Magic hour is great, but I'm NEVER awake for it. Well, I have taken sunrise beach photos on vacation, but of course I went right back to sleep when I was done :)

  3. Those photos are really stunning - what a beautiful place. I'm glad you got a chance to escape a bit. I'm such a loner. I enjoy having time to myself, enjoying nature, getting a drink waiting for a friend - I have no problems being solo but I do have friends who could never do anything alone.

  4. What absolutely stunning photos you were able to get as a result of the early puppy-awakening!!! You need to get some of those framed! Too bad Chris wasn't able to join you, but at least that meant more progress at home! Husband of the year award goes to Chris!!!


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