{inspired} crafting around the web

Friends, you know this. I love "crafting". And by crafting, I mean making things that are functional and meaningful for my home. I have a whole tab of diy/craft projects. I'm not complaining, per se, because I am so excited and thankful that we are actually doing a kitchen remodel, but it is hard to take on other projects at the same time. Something to do with my house being complete chaos and not being able to find anything. 

So, I thought I'd live vicariously through others today and show you some of the projects that I'm so inspired by and am itching to try. I have a feeling I'm going to have a fun and creative winter :).

It's almost scary how much I want to dip legs in paint :).

Even Chris is on board for this project. That's a good sign friends :)

This last one I'm doing asap as soon as I have more room. Our current coffee table has not made it through the remodel, sadly. So far it's the only casualty. But, we have this huge and amazing new-to-us ottoman that I'll be slipcovering.

Friends, have you tackled any fun DIY projects lately? Don't you think fall is the perfect time to start creating? Summer also gets to be so busy!


  1. Ooohh nice ideas! I especially love the dipped legs (have a few of them pinned, too!) and that first basket.

  2. I wish I had time to do some more crafty projects. I do enjoy them when I have the time to get crafty. I guess the most crafty I'll get this fall will probably be using chalk paint for the first time, and making some DIY art for my friend Christina's office that we're working on - that counts I suppose. That slipcovered ottoman would be awesome - maybe someday.


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