{renovate} kitchen trim: installed.

Friends! How's your week going! As is typical of any short week, my days are completely off. I thought yesterday was Tuesday :). On the positive side, though, I mentally gained a day! 

Over the weekend my rock star husband passed on an opportunity to go to the beach and instead stayed home to work on the kitchen. (And insisted I go to the beach ... so sweet! :) So I thought I'd take a minute to brag update you on what he got done!

For the most part he worked on trim. Remember in my last update I was explaining how IKEA cabinets don't actually reach the ceiling (below) and this is annoying to me?

Well, someone commented on that post and explained that all IKEA cabinets are like that to take into consideration uneven ceilings and walls. Hmm. Makes sense! They aren't custom and so they need to be easy for everyone to install and they need to fit every room. This is a concept I totally understand because even with professional drywall, our ceiling and walls still aren't straight.

But, even though I understand, I still don't like. So Chris installed trim. I am loving it so much!

Please keep in mind that these are install, only: no caulking, no holes filled, no paint. But, even so, I think they're starting to look so good, and more custom. Yah!

He also installed trim around the ceiling in the rest of the room.

So pretty! Just imagine how great it'll look once we caulk, fill holes and paint. Progress, friends! No we need the doors and window trimmed out and trim will be done. I have to give Chris mad props. He is completely self taught at wood working and he does a truly spectacular job. So, it's taking a little longer because he's learning a TON as he goes along, but the finished product looks completely professional -- if not better :).

The other thing he finished up was the floor. When we removed the wall between the living room and the kitchen, we had a big hole in the hard wood where the wall was.

If you recall, this isn't our first time tearing out and replacing hardwood floors. In fact, in the find of the century, Chris located a bunch of original Douglas fir floor boards in a TRASH pile at a house renovation site in our neighborhood. With permission, he snagged a bunch for projects like this. Not only does it match perfectly, but it's ended up saving us a lot of money in the long run.

So much better! It's a little weird right now with the floor boards facing different directions, but with what we have planned, it'll end up look great. :) Also, the sink won't be on the floor after Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed for us that both the sink and dishwasher will be installed then. We've had to reschedule with the plumber a couple times and I am very anxious to have water again! After that's done, we'll install the island cabinets, which means STOVETOP! 

I'm excited and I feel like we're getting close :).


  1. Wow, Chris did an excellent job on the trim! Everything is coming together so well. And what luck with the floor boards!

  2. Yay for trim and yay for awesome husbands who work so hard for us:) The crown looks great.

  3. Looks great thanks for sharing.

  4. What a gem of a hubby, thoughtful and talented, I'm thinking he's a keeper! The kitchen is looking incredible, I'll bet you are itching to see it completed. So worth the wait...!!!

  5. Jenn, I am really enjoying this massive makeover! Every little part. So glad you are documenting it for the rest of us to see. You all must be completely exhausted yet so thrilled with each inch closer. Just wanted to let you know I am still following along, as A Home in the Making was one of the first I latched onto! My blog, the Queen City Style, has evolved into primarily a fashion blog, and I am having the most fun. Thanks again for your responsiveness and helpfulness when I was just getting started. I would love for you to come take a look!! Fondly, Whitley www.thequeencitystyle.com

  6. The trim loks really nice. I really wish we had those details on our cabinets, but maybe in our next house. It kind of drives me crazy that they're just kind of floating on the walls, but whattya gonna do, right? Nice job by your hubs - he's good.


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