{inspired} colorful lamps

I am decidedly indecisive these days. This indecisiveness ranges from what to have for dinner (ask Chris how fun that is ;) ... to what I want to do with my life. I'm usually have incredibly strong gut instincts, which creates quick decisions. But, we have some pretty big *life* decisions we need to make in the next few months and I find myself paralyzed by this indecisiveness. It's bad friends. So instead of thinking about all the big indecisions, I'm focusing on the small ones. Obviously.

A few months ago Chris and I bought a couple lamps at an antique store. They match, they're curvy-awesome, they're a hideous color and they were $5 each. A quick coat of paint and they'll be heading for the living room.

But see, I did something wild and crazy the other day. I painted them turquoise. Like, bright turquoise. At first it was a definite YES! But then my decidedly neutral loving mother said ew. Sigh. Which of course made me rethink them. (Side note: How do mom's DO that?) Now, whether I actually like the color or not changes ... on an hourly basis. My poor husband.

Domino, via Barrie Briggs Spang (I've always loved this room)
I've pulled some beautiful images of turquoise lamps. Maybe I needed the reassurance that while not common, bright lamps can be beautiful in the right room. But you know what? I'm not looking for common, and part of the appeal is that not many people have funky turquoise lights.

So my question for YOU, my lovely readers, is what are your thoughts on bright funky lamps? Great way to add color and style to a room? Or completely obnoxious attention hogs? :)


  1. I'm totally pro. People want to claim all sorts of things are the "jewelery" of a room, but I vote lamps. And colorful isn't nearly as garish as themed/general trying too hard lamps which are everywhere.

    My mom's reaction was similar when I spraypainted an ugly kinda brass lamp purple. But now I just wonder what took me so long.

  2. dooo it dooo it! I'm painting my new three dollar lamp RED!

  3. Great way to add a touch of color. Though that top room might have just a little too much turquoise for my taste.

  4. You must be a mind reader!! I was looking at turquoise/blue lamps earlier today for our living room. These are gorgeous! I may need to borrow you to help me figure out what to do with our living room since you have such a great eye, hehehe.

  5. I'm all about changing the color of a lamp! I painted a lamp turquoise a few months back for my dining room and I love it {here}! Just a few pops of color here and there can make a huge statement in a room.

  6. NOOOO! I LA-LA-LOVE the bright lamps! Do it up! Parents are always on the safe side; mine are always like "are you crazy!?" but then when they see it all together, they're like, "Oh. That's actually nice!"

    Here's my own fav teal lamp, featured on Desire to Inspire's "Pets on Furniture" article: scroll to the bottom-ish with Ziggy and Lady :)


    Ya got my vote :)

  7. I love the turquoise! If you ever get bored, you could always repaint them--it's just paint :)

    Good luck with all those decisions!

  8. It looks unanimous, so if it helps tip you in that direction, I agree, turquoise lamps = fun! Keep 'em that way!

  9. I think it's a great way to brighten up any room.

  10. Hmm, bright funky lamps.. I think I must agree with you, I am a fan. I tend to lean towards more of an eclectic style than anything else. A bright lamp looks great in a neutral colored room.

    Keep calm & blog on :)

  11. I have lamps that have changed colors a few times over the years. Go for it. What's important is the shape. Good for you.

  12. I just stumbled on your blog and love it! My husband and I just bought our first house and are in the process of making it home. Love what you've done with yours!

  13. I came across your blog at peas and crayons. I love bright colors, especially on accent pieces. Here is a rundown of my house....living - shade of green, kitchen - golden shade of yellow, boys' bedroom 1 - John Deere colors of green and yellow, playroom - lsu team colors. I have my bedroom and bathroom left and I am thinkin neutral for the bedroom with accents and tiffany (sigh...love this) blue for the bath.

  14. I love any fun pop of color, I think a lamp that can brighten up a room even when it isn't turned on is perfect!

  15. Always choose personality (bold turquoise!). Especially if it's just lamps - you can ditch them if you hate them...but you won't.

    Hope everything in 'the big life decisions' department is falling together...



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