{renovate} hallway reveal

Last week I revealed the new paint and new floors in the back bedroom. This week, we're ready to show off our newly refinished hallway!

Here was the hallway, in February. Note: I completely photoshopped the carpet into this picture. Don't worry, I will never photoshop a photo and not let you all know. We were just so excited to rip up the ugly carpet that I forgot to take a true before. The accuracy of this photo, though, is amazing. I heart photoshop. 

After we ripped up the carpet, and the linoleum, we were left with ....

... hardwoods! Shiny refurbished hardwoods!

What was once this ....
Is now this. This is the view from the kitchen looking towards the bedrooms/bathroom. If you look closely, you can see the lines from the moon/sun linoleum. Let's just say you don't have to look closely in person to see them. Boo. We'll be pulling up those boards and replacing them with salvaged hardwoods.

Which is what we did in this little area. The huge black area in the center of the photo is actually plywood. Not hardwoods. One day last year Chris was driving through our neighborhood and found the original hardwoods from a house that was being remodeled laying near a dumpster. Being the resourceful smarty that he is, he grabbed a bunch (after asking the owners, of course) just in case we ever needed it.

That same area now looks like this! YAH!

What I like best is the cohesiveness of having the same flooring throughout the majority of the upstairs now. The kitchen is still linoleum, but at some point I would like to refinish those hardwoods as well. In a floor plan that's as small as ours, having the same floors really opens up the house, and dare I say, even makes it feel a little bigger. Above is the hallway into the newly refinished back bedroom.

This is a view from our bedroom through the hallway to the other bedroom.

And this angle is the living room looking through the hallway. I love that all you see are hardwoods!

We painted the hallway when we painted the living room two years ago. So pulling up the carpet left an unsightly line along the baseboards. Luckily, it was nothing a little touch up paint couldn't handle.

A half hour later and all the baseboards were looking clean and crisp again. Lastly, we painted the vent that is in the bottom right of this picture. If you noticed in the above photos, it's blue. To match the carpet, obviously. So we spray painted it black to match the other vents in the house.

It feels so good to have this project wrapped up! Wednesday I'll be posting a tutorial for refinishing your hardwoods. While time consuming, it's actually pretty easy and saved us a lot of money.

So tell me, what did you all do this weekend? Anyone, besides me, glued to the TV watching March Madness?! :)

Edited: I'm adding this project to the Nester's Take a Risk Day link party! Because pulling up your carpet with a $0 budget was a huge risk for us :).


  1. They look great Jenn!! What an amazing difference it makes and I can't believe y'all did it all yourselves! Congrats on being done :)

  2. LOOK AT YOU GO! Holy heck lady, you're working your buns off! I'm impressed and jealous: I can't wait to move to the new place so i can tackle some projects/have some content for the ol' blog... though i'm sure i'll be singing a different tune 1/2 way through a major paint day :P Such a beautiful job Jenn; give us more! :D xo

  3. Totally fabulous! I'm sitting here in my wall-to-wall carpeted rental just drooling and trying not to be jealous. :)

  4. Those look amazing! You guys did such a great job :) I, like Jane, am drooling and a tiny bit jealous!

    I did 8 loads of laundry and went grocery shopping for the week :)

  5. Thanks all!
    Vikki -- there actually is more coming. Soon :)
    KT -- EIGHT loads? OMG! I don't think I own that many clothes ;)

  6. ahhhhhhhhhh no way!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!! Great job Jenn!!!!!! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Truly amazing. You did such a great job. LOVE how it looks now.


  9. the floors are BEAUTIFUL and that paint color is so dreamy. great job, really. so nice to know all the hard work was worth it!

  10. I can't believe that was under the carpet - I hope when I'm a homeowner I get that lucky! The floors look beautiful and totally make the whole hallway flow from room to room. I'm impressed at your husband's resourcefulness...mine will complain if I even slow down the car to look at something on the side of the road. Again, major congrats!

  11. those floors are gorgeous! you must be thrilled!
    and what a smart guy to pick up old wood "just in case".

  12. Gorgeous! What a beautiful floor that was hidden. You had to get through carpet AND linoleum?! I'm sure that was so much work... but so worth it. It is beautiful!

  13. Those floors turned out amazing. I love how the hallway turned out. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Thanks so much.

  14. Your floors are beautiful! I love your blue hallway! I painted mine blue too but a bit darker than yours. I wish I could see mine with the eyes that I am using to see yours - then I would love mine! haha:)

  15. Love your beautiful floors! Is there anything better than pulling up carpet and finding hardwood? They look fabulous and what a great job refinishing them.

  16. It is beautiful! Wow! The first thing I would do is put on some plush socks, take a slight running start and go surfing ;) You should be so proud of such a great finished looked (btw...amazing photoshop jobie :))


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