{renovate} entry lights update

Just as with everything in life, sometimes when you're working on a house you're super motivated. Other times, not so much. Lately, we've been super motivated. I'm not sure if it's seeing how awesome our other projects are turning/turned out, or if it's that we already have a huge mess and the tools are out so why not. But, we've been tackling a few of the more pesky projects on our never-ending to-do list lately. Yah! This week, Chris surprised me and tackled our very outdated outdoor lighting situation.

When we moved in, this light was lighting both our front stoop and our back porch. It was very brassy. And a couple panes of glass were broken in each. So very trashy as well. The last thing we want when people come to our house, especially to the front door, is a broken, dated, brass light. Eek.

We found this very simple, clean-designed light at Home Depot a few months ago. We love it. It's simple, it's a little industrial and it's incredibly budget friendly ($5 each anyone??).

The back entry went from looking like this ....

To this. Of course, the paint and new door are also huge improvements, but this light makes a world of difference. (Oh, and for some reason the light is looking crooked in the pic. I assure you, it's hanging straight. Just a weird camera angle!) Chris isn't in the habit of taking *befores* when he does a project and I'm not around. We're working on it ;).

 The front entry went from this ....

To this. The lamp's black base really compliments the house's black trim and the other black house accents -- mailbox, railings, house numbers, etc.

Here's a better look of the light against the yellow house and next to the red door. I love this color scheme, and I love how the lamp's slightly industrial edge really pops against the colors and the rustic wreath.

Isn't it amazing the impact small updates can make?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Looks great. You are making such great home improvements.

  2. Very nice! It's funny how small things can make such a big difference sometimes.

  3. Cute and huge difference! We need to do the same. Ours aren't broken only so early 90's gold brassish awful.


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