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Hey y’all! I’m Ashley and I blog over at Design Build Love. I’m super happy to be here today, holdin’ down the fort while Jenn is off gallivanting around in the beautiful Italian scenery! She better eat some gelato for me!

But, in all seriousness, I love that girl- we randomly paired up and were roommates at Haven... I couldn't have been luckier! Feels like I met a lifelong friend and kindred spirit.

Design Build Love chronicles the hubby and my homeowner adventures, as we focus on bringing upscale beauty to our hand-made home! Oh ya, and we do it all on a budget! We’ve just recently completed a huge series – 30 Days to an Organized Home, but we blog about all kinds of topics including building and designing, and the occasional travel post!


In addition to our organization series… this is just a sampling of what we do!

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For our guest post, Jenn asked us to talk about “What we’re loving about Fall?” Honestly, that’s a hard question, because fall is my absolute favorite season! I love the colors, the weather, the crisp morning air, the fireplace, the wine… oh goodness, there are literally just too many things to love! BUT, since she asked, I thought I’d veer away from my normal DIY and home-related topics to share a little fall fashion… and food that I’m loving!


I am absolutely loving the introduction of pops of orange into Fall fashion. As a SF Giants fan, I already have a bit of orange lying around in my closet, but checking out all of these inspiration photos, I'm dying to add more! Orange is such a gorgeous color, and with all its different shades from coral to burnt orange, you can really change up a look! I'm loving these...

If you're not completely into orange still, despite all its shades, you may "fall" in love with these more muted fashions... I know I did!

And what's fashion without a little makeup inspiration too?!? I'm loving this gold-toned smokey eye!


Fall, bring on your hardy foods... I'm ready! I am a serious lover of my crock pot and all things soup! I also have an affinity for scrumptious baked appetizers that you serve all-toasty, straight out of the oven! Yummy!!! These are just a few recipes that I'm dying to try!

Who's hungry?!? I know I am!

I’m so excited for Fall and I can’t wait to start mixing a little bit more orange into my wardrobe… and a little hardiness into my diet! Winking smile

Thanks for having me Jenn! I hope y’all will stop by for a visit… we’d love to have you: www.DesignBuildLove.co!


from Jenn: Ashley, thank you so much for the awesome post! I love all the outfits you've chosen -- especially all the pops of coral. Gorgeous! Friends, make sure you go visit Ashley -- she rocks, plain and simple. You'll love her and all the awesome info on her blog :).

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  1. Hi Jenn! I just followed my girl Ashley over for her post and have decided to stay! I clicked on your "Our Home Before and After" and was blown away! It figures that my favorite blogger would have a soul sister in blogdom! I don't have a blog, myself, I'm just your benevolent stalker. See you in my email! Dona


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