{fall favorites} west pear avenue

I've lived in Pennsylvania my entire life and fall is my favorite time of year here.

Fall to me is more comfortable.

The plants and flowers are thriving...

The air is cool...
This time of year the leaves haven't quite changed yet but they are gaining momentum to evolve into a beautiful rainbow of color. I saw this leaf the other week and noticed how colorful it was. It's that red-orange hue that is so rich and vibrant.

And because this time of year is more comfortable outside, it allows me to enjoy my reading outside with a cup of coffee.

P.S. - That's my favorite fall nail polish color - Big Spender by Essie. It's described as a divine lush red-violet cream.

A big thanks to Jenn for having me over. I feel like Jenn and I go way back. One of the big positives of blogland is the friendship blogging can foster even though you may have never met in person. It's pretty awesome. My wish for Jenn and her hubby while they are in Italy:  MANGIA!

from Jenn: Holly, thanks for stopping by today! And, I'm totally getting that nail polish -- such a perfect fall color! :) Friends, make sure you go say hi to Holly! You'll love all the awesome fabric and etsy finds. I'm endlessly inspired by her content!


  1. ***waving to Holly*** I was hoping you'd be here sometime during this series!!!! I forgot how Pennsylvania is a few weeks behind us in getting the cold weather and a few weeks ahead of us in the spring in terms of everything blooming earlier, etc. Fall is definitely here now...today is chilly!! Love the nailpolish:)

  2. Thanks so much Jenn - this was fun and I hope you're having a wonderful time in Italy. And hope to get a nice recap when you return.

  3. So true. Now is the time of year to really enjoy being outside!


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