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Hi y'all! I can not tell you how thrilled I was when Jenn asked if I'd like to guest post on her fabulous blog. I have been reading A Home in the Making for quite a while now, and am constantly inspired by Jenn and her impeccable taste! Following along as she and Chris reno their kitchen has been especially fun...as they are making practically the same design choices I hope to make when we re-do our own kitchen (hopefully next year...fingers crossed!).

So, my name is Cate, and back in college my girlfriends dubbed me domestiCate. The name stuck, and I blog over at theycallmedomestiCate.com about DIY projects, recipes, being an at-home mom/student, and my journey to become an Interior Designer.

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year, so when Jenn asked "What's one thing you're loving this fall?" I hardly knew where to begin! Of course I'm all about the changing leaves, apples, pumpkins (pumpkin spice lattes!), boots, cozy sweaters, etc. etc. But, I thought it would be fun to share one trend that I happen to be loving right now, that could really work in many seasons. It's actually a classic look that I'm just now really coming to appreciate and adore: floral and stripes.

Of course I turned to Pinterest for inspiration images.

I love to think about how these looks could translate to decor. Imagine pillows in these fabrics tossed on a rich velvet or leather couch.

I think it's the balance of the overtly feminine florals and the masculinity of the stripes that works so beautifully in tandem.

It's certainly not a new idea, but it's taken me a while to really love it, and love it I do. Looking at images like these helps inspire me to try new things in my home. I'm contemplating new pillows for our couch, and I'm thinking this look would really work.

Using a stripe in a traditional "fall color" would ground any of your spring or summer floral patterns and transition beautifully into autumn.

So, is this a combo you guys use in your own home or wardrobe? Or is it a bit too risky for you? I'd love to hear! Oh, and I'd be honored if you hopped over to my blog. Let me know you came from A Home in the Making!

from Jenn: Cate, I LOVE this trend! And, have been incorporating it into my daily look lately -- super cute! Thanks for stopping by and sharing these beautiful inspiration images. Friends, have you tried this look? Give it a try! And, then go visit Cate :)


  1. Love the style! I wish I could find the bag that's in the first picture. I clicked on a million links looking for it hehe. So trendy!

  2. I love stripes and florals together - a perfect pair!


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