{renovate} color options

We're having some decision-making issues here at A Home in the Making. See, off and on, for the past YEAR and a HALF, we've been working on our back screened-in porch. We're SO CLOSE to finishing, and I am so excited to cross this project off my list. But we're a little stuck at the moment. On colors. 

{And, I just accidentely hit publish early. So, my apologies for this showing up TWICE in your readers! :) }

We have two doors next to each other on one wall. The door into the house and the door to the back yard. Last summer I was set on painting them black. This summer, I'm chickening out.

Last weekend I went to Home Depot and purchased SIX paint samples! It only helped one thing: I now know what color I'm painting the floor. It'll be the blue in the upper left corner. Other than that, it made things worse. Now I really can't decide.

I hoped Photoshop could come to the rescue! I pulled all the above colors into photoshop (plus a couple more for fun), and inserted them into a picture of the space. Now, here's where I need your help! What color do you like best? Was my original thoughts of black right on? Or should I add a great color? PLEASE, comment on which color you like and help me make a decision, already! :)

Option 1: Greenish/yellow.

Option 2: Grass green.

Option 3: Navy blue.

Option 4: Orange.

Option 5: BLACK.

Thanks for the help friends! I'm excited to finish up this space so I can show you all the work we've done :).


  1. I like the grass green.

  2. Have we seen what color your front door is? If it's a fun color, you might consider matching them!

    I really like the greenish yellow and grass green. If I had to pick just one I think I'd pick the grass green!
    Love the idea of adding a pop of color to your doors. :)

  3. I like the greens or the black. What else is in the room in the way of decor? What is just inside in terms of color? Would the answers to either of those ?? help you decide?


  4. I love the black, but Ryan voted Navy then Grass Green!

    In the picture with all the paints, I see a light blue in the top left. I'm curious as to what that might look like also!

    My least favorite is the Greenish/yellow though. Just not my personal preference!

    Any way you go, I'm sure it will look amazing! :D

  5. I really like the black....the pale green is nice and fresh though...and if you're looking for something really fun the orange was great too...BUT black would get my vote.

  6. Loving the black! You can always change decor around a basic color. navy blue would be the closest second. Besides, I think it's best to always stick with your original gut instinct. Luckily, paint can always be redone if you don't like it once it's up!

  7. I vote for black.

    You won't get tired of it, and you can change the other elements of the room or add seasonal decorations and there will be no color clashes.

    Good luck.

  8. I like the black. It just seems so crisp and clean but also strong. It can stand alone of have color layered... versatile and trend right at the same time!

  9. Hi, Jenn! Thanks for coming by...I probably should have asked you first if you minded me posting about your entry way, but it was late at night and I was tired, and I clicked on your blog and instantly woke up and smiled and got carried away! Sorry, hope you don't mind!!

    Oooh, touch choice with the door color! They are all great...well, I like everyone except the orange;) The floors are going to be that light blue? Then maybe the dark blue, black or grass green for the doors? Can't go wrong either way. I'm currently in the middle of painting the inside of our front door black, it has one coat on it and haven't had the time to do another yet. But its definitely looking good.

    So nice to meet you! You have a gorgeous home:)

  10. Of those colors I REALLY like the blue!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  11. I like your original idea I am into darker colored doors only I also like the navy!

  12. I like the black and the blue! Ah! Such a difficult decision :)

  13. I'm sure the variaty of answers isn't helping much, but I LOVE the navy! Though it is difficult without seeing what else in the area.

  14. Blue! I think black would make things feel way to warm in the summer

  15. I like the grass green and black!

  16. I went back to your original back porch post (wow, you've done a lot of work to it!) and then I also looked at your mood board too (it's really pretty and fun). I think I would go with the navy as I think that would look really nice with the yellows you have on the board (if you're still going with that mood board direction). Have fun and can't wait to see what you decide on. I'm with Sarah though - I liked all of the colors except for the orange.


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