{create} fabric solutions + a fun new blog feature

Good morning friends! I have TWO awesome things to share with you today.

The first is that you'll find my post for the day up at The Borrowed Abode. Do you know Jane's blog? It is full of great decorating and organizational tips. And, do you remember when I teased you a with this picture?

Well, if you head over to Jane's blog now you'll see what on earth that actually is! :)

Second on the list of awesome today ... do you notice anything different about my blog? Here's a photo to help:

Look closer, because I now have a customized favicon!

Let's zoom in ...

Isn't it so cool? It's like the jewelry for an outfit ... a little extra bling that is just so much fun. My friend Lauren, from Myers Maison and LrnM Design designed them. And guess what? She can design them for you too! (And, she's not paying me to say this :) I just really like her AND my new favicon! :)She has a really awesome design business and part of that is designing custom favicons. And while you're over there digging around, make sure you check out her shop. I love her *this is only a test* print. So awesome.

So remember, there are two places you need to visit today. 1. The Borrowed Abode. 2. LrnM Design. Have fun, and make sure to report back on all the great things you discover.

**Let's not count how many times I've said awesome in this post. Clearly, I'm not having creative word day. Where's my thesaurus?? :)


  1. Your just all over the place lady - awesome job :) Love the new favicon so cute and a great way to add a touch of you!! Great blogs you recommended - thanks for sending me on new reading adventures.

  2. Thanks for the post!

    I love what you've done with the fabric! Such a creative and visually pleasing solution!

  3. HA! Too funny! I just started following your blog recently and just TODAY, am finally unpacking my studio/craft room and came to a grinding halt when I realized that 1. the only downside of my new space is it has no closet and 2. all my fabric was stored in not-so-lovely plastic storage bins. I did an image search on fabric storage/display and came up VERY empty-handed!
    I don't have a LOT of fabric (YET!) but I like to SEE my fabric and know what I have and I want my friends to be able to play with it, too. I love what you did and as I start to delve into more interior design projects, I love the option of pulling several down to compare to each other and/or create a palette, then put them back! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

  4. How fun! I like the looks of that teaser photo - I'll have to go over to check it out. And how cool a new favicon!

  5. Wow Jenn, your storage/art idea for your fabrics is awesome! I hope to have an office/supply room at some point and will use this as inspiration. I bet you enjoy that room a lot.


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