{inspired} the birthday edition

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a nice weekend?

So today, August 1, officially marks the beginning of my birthday month. That's right. I said month. :) I LOVE birthdays. They are the only holiday that belongs to you and only you. What's better than that? And while my birthday is technically later this week, I manage to extend the celebrations as far into the month as possible.

As I mentioned when I posted my Christmas wish list, my mom DEMANDS lists of us (Chris, me and my brother) for birthdays and Christmas. It's pretty adorable, and sometimes kinda stressful. So I pulled together a list of things that have caught my eye recently, if, for anything, a jumping off point of *what I like*.

What has caught your eye lately, friends? Is anyone else getting really excited about fall clothes!?!
How do you celebrate your birthday/month? :)


  1. looks like the makings of a good bday list =) Happy birthday month!

  2. Happy Birthday Month! What an awesome idea.

    I am NOT ready for fall, so don't you dare tempt me! :) I really try to revel in the seasons as they occur. I'm training myself to appreciate every season - for better or worse. Because once this heat clears, it'll be a horribly cold and rainy winter before I know it. And I'm not ready for that yet.

  3. PS: I definitely have Decorate and Toms Shoes on my wishlist.
    I'm going to the Decorate book signing in LA in August - you should teleport down! :)


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