{inspired} spring florals

One of my favorite trends so far this spring is the abundance of bright, colorful florals. I'm a sucker for when fashion swings more feminine -- I love dressing up in cute skirts and patterns. 

I'm pretty sure my husband, who is so cool about my decorating decisions, would not so much agree with bringing overly feminine florals into our home. So today I thought it would be fun to dream and look at some lovely spaces that do incorporate this fun trend.

I love this wall paper. It manages to be moody and feminine all in one. This would be an amazing retreat.

I think curtains are a great way to bring in a trend. They're easy to change up if you get tired of them and they bring so much personality to a room.

I love this girly vintage couch. It's so bright and fun. And looks so chic with the pink walls.

If you like this look, and think you'd like to try it in your home, I pulled together some fun ways products that let you bring the look into your home in varying degrees.

1. Floral curtains
2. Quilt
3. Floral ipad case
4. Floral heart print
5. Amelia Sofa
6. Amaryllis Measuring Cups
7. Garden tools

I actually own #6, and I LOVE them. They're such a fun way to bring a pop of color into a room. Currently, they're serving as votive holders on my mantle. I also would love to try #4 and #1 in my house. And, in my dream sewing room/craft room/huge walk in closet (not necessarily all one room -- we're dreaming here afterall ;), I would definitely incorporate #5.

What do you think about a florals? Do you have them in your home now? Would you bring them in? If so, which products do you like best?


  1. I kinda had my fill of florals in the early 90s but you definitely shared some that I could re-incorporate into my design. I love the yellow floral sofa and I like the floral curtains. I think the key is to bringing it into my world in a fresh way that isn't too overwhelming. You've inspired me yet again.

  2. That floral heart print is cute!

  3. That top photo is AMAZING! Great inspiration!

  4. Those curtains! And those measuring cups - darling. Usually I am not a fan of florals, but when done right, I think they are oh so pretty.

  5. I am loving florals!

    PS I love your new layout.. not sure how it took me this long to see it.

  6. Gorgeous floral prints, I would love to have an old fashion chintz print as a standalone feature in my living room. Great post!

  7. So cute, Jenn! Love that floral print and those measuring cups.

    Wow, the new blog design looks awesome!!! So professional and definitely your style. You should be psyched:) I keep thinking I should do mine and then I think of how much work it must be and I lose all motivation. Plus, I have no idea what I would want it to look like, that's another problem. Thanks for the TMC Designs recommendation, I might have to consider it:)

  8. me too! I love the florals! Your picks are just perfect!

  9. Big fan of florals especially in larger prints. I experimented with the pillows in our master, and my husband was surprisingly okay with them. Small doses and it's all good in the hood ;) Hope you had a great weekend!


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