{inspired} blues, greens and kitchen schemes

Happy Wednesday friends!

Are you wondering where we're at with the kitchen? Yeah, me too! No, I'm kidding ... we're working on lots of technical details. You know the important stuff like making sure everything measure accurately and whether we want drawers or cabinets in certain places and how big our island should be. I'll give you guys the rundown once we've actually committed. At this point, things are changing on a daily basis. Love planning!

Although not my priority right now, one thing I can't help but think is the finished design and with that comes the fun part -- color scheme! As I mentioned in this previous post, we're opening the kitchen up to the living room. And, the kitchen naturally flows into the back entry. So a couple things to consider are existing color schemes. The living room is painted blue and features pops of yellow and orange. The back entry is painted greige, and has pops of blue.

This little grouping could not represent our house, currently, any better. What I love most about this though, is the addition of green. Maybe it's because I'm so excited for spring (!), but the green feels so fresh. So, now I'm playing with a light blue, dark blue, yellow, green color scheme.

Some beautiful inspiration in varying shades of that scheme:

I think blue and green were meant to be together. At least in my house. Of course that means updating the living room a little too. Obviously. So much to think about :).

And by the way, the image from decorpad makes me want to buy an aqua sofa. So beautiful! What do you guys think of greens and blues? What's your favorite room from the ones above?


  1. I really love the blues and the greens together. So springy and it's easy to mix the vintage and modern with both colors.

  2. Sounds like exciting things are happening in the kitchen, Jenn!! I looove blue and green together and am trying to incorporate them more into our home overall. Love that color palette inspiration pic you posted from BHG, and my fave room of the above, besides the BOTANY print, is probably the picassa one:)

  3. PS. I thought so...just clicked on the link to the Botany poster and it was done for Delaware Valley College which is right in the town in PA where I grew up!! So cool!

  4. I pinned the first living room picture about 4 times, it is one of my favorites, I love it! I have quite a bit of blue in my home but not a lot of green. I just added some green to my dining room last week and I'm loving it! Go for it, the color combo is gorgeous and so are your inspiration pics!

  5. Jenn I like your inspiration colors and think this is important to consider as you plan the space and think all of the images are beautiful. I just saw this post on another blog and thought you would be interested as you plan a "timeless kitchen":

  6. Besides the color palette photo which I love and will have to pin, I really love that West Elm blog photo. And I love that you're incorporating some green into your planning - I feel like I'm always adding green as well. And I can remember the drawer vs cabinet decisions - critical and quite important. I think we did a great mix of both in our kitchen. I know that I absolutely love our deep drawers too, so if you can do a combo you'll love it. We also splurged and did the soft closures on the drawers - it costed extra but SO worth it.

  7. And OMG, I just read Sarah's comment...she has such a good eye. I didn't even realize that said Del Val - did you know Sarah and I are sort of from the same area? Can't believe she spotted that!

  8. I love the color scheme! Blue and green are the two colors I go to most! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  9. I am all about greens this year. Love the addition to your color scheme I think it is perfect. Hard to choose a favorite room but I think the first one is my favorite. Gotta love the sea glass green lamp & the orange pillow. Good luck with everything. I know how crazy it is to make little decisions that all affect each other and have to tie into everything. A little intense. But you will do a great job as always!


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